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Welcome to The Ghana Surfer Guide. Simply the best, most comprehensive, learn to surf guide on the internet. The Ghana Surfer knows how much you want to learn to surf and he is here to help and guide you every step of the way!

If you want to learn to surf, the first thing you should consider is a reputable learn to surf school. A surf school is a fun, fast and sensible way to get an introduction to the world of surfing. They can give you a feel for what riding a wave is really like and help you decide whether surfing is something you want to take up seriously. Riding a wave is an amazing feeling and will provide you with a strong motivation to take the next step on the road to becoming a real surfer!

The Ghana Surfer says: if you do decide to take the next step, you should be aware that a surf school is just the beginning of your education!

The Pro surfer is here to help with the next step, and indeed all your subsequent steps. He knows what it feels like being out in the water all by yourself. He knows you need the support, guidance and instruction of a real surfer during this time. That’s who the Ghana Surfer is: your own private surfing professional. He will provide you with the wisdom and advice that comes from a lifetime of surfing. Also learn about women stand-up paddle board surfing!

If you listen to the Ghana Surfer you will come to understand much more than just, how to stand up on a surfboard: you will learn how to become a real surfer!

A real surfer understands the weather and how to "read the ocean", for which they have love and respect

A real surfer knows where to paddle out and how to get through the shore break as quickly and easily as possible

A real surfer understands how to catch waves safely without getting in the way of other surfers

A real surfer knows the unspoken rules of surfing

If you listen to the Pro surfer and read his Learn to Surf Guide you will be totally aware of your position in the unspoken surfer's pecking order. You will learn how to earn respect and gradually move to the top of that order. You will no longer be unsure of how to behave in the surf and you will begin to ride "real" waves and understand the principles that will enable you to become a great surfer.

Follow the Ghana Surfer’s Learn to Surf Guide and you will quickly gain the confidence of a more experienced surfer. Your new found surfing ability will be achieved with as little pain, conflict and embarrassment as possible and you will have more fun because you will be catching more waves and getting into less fights.

So, if you want to become a real surfer, read on and enjoy! Because when you finish The Ghana Surfer’s Learn to Surf Guide you will feel like a real surfer even if you haven’t even been in the water yet.

Surfing Gear

surfing gear and equipment

The Ghana Surfer believes that some surf gear is better than others and as you read the learn to surf guide, you will notice that The Pro surfer provides product reviews to help you know what surf gear you will need to buy. These surf products are chosen by The Ghana Surfer because THE GHANA SURFER USES THEM PERSONALLY.

Building a reputation as a trustworthy source of advice is critical for the Pro surfer's business. The Ghana Surfer will not jeopardize that reputation because of advertising pressure. You will notice that the Pro surfer does not advertise multiple surf products, that do the same thing, in order to maximize advertising revenue. The Ghana Surfer just advertises one product in each category, and that one product will be, in The Ghana Surfer's genuine opinion: 'the best' and most appropriate for the purpose they are being recommended.