Akwaaba! Welcome to the Ghana Surfing Association!

Ghana is among the last places on earth where the tropical surfing dream is still a reality – fun waves, no crowds, a community of comradery, adventure, exploration.  On this site, you will get a taste of what the Ghanaian surfing scene is all about.   Here you will find all the latest surfing news in Ghana. You will find out where and when upcoming contest will be, as well as the results of past contests.  You can see photos and videos of some of Ghana’s rising young surfers and some of our best spots.  Find out about the short history of surfing in Ghana and get to know about the unique characters that have helped create an awesome community and convivial culture that is shaping surfing in Ghana.  Come and be a part of it!  You can find out about the supporters and funders of our organization and community, and donate to help our best young surfers compete on the world stage.

Surfing in Ghana means you can explore the many excellent surf spots, ranging from beginner and intermediate to expert, in the surf town of Busua and the villages of Dixcove, Akwidaa, Cape Three Points, Prince’s Town, Mutrakni Point, Fete, and many more.

We hope you have enjoyed your virtual visit with us, and we hope to see you in the water soon!

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