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Stand Up Paddle Boards For Women?

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SUPs, or Stand Up Paddle Boards, have gained a huge amount of popularity over recent years and have officially become a real pass-time for anyone living near water. From kids to pets, even women stand up paddle board regularly not only because it’s fun, but because it’s a great exercise and a great way to get outdoors—alone or with the family!

Getting Started

Getting your first women´s SUP paddle board and getting on the water can be so exciting but a bit scary at the same time. Before you do anything with your stand up paddle board, you should first grab some sunscreen, a life vest, and some swimming lessons (if needed). Find a calm, low-current area where you can begin learning on your SUP paddle board. Next up, you’ll want to choose a sup board that fits both your height and skill level. When you go to buy a stand-up paddle board, you’ll see both solid and inflatable options. The latter is cheaper, but the former is generally more durable and a better option overall if you’re willing to pay the price.

As far as size and width, the length of the board will be based on your height and experience level. If you get a board too long, it will be hard to get around. If you get one too short, it will be harder to balance. Any website that sells sup paddle boards or a local board shop will be able to advise you on the length to height ratio for your needs. Wider stand-up paddle boards will be more stable, making them great for beginners and people looking to do yoga on their SUP (which is super relaxing!). That also makes them better if you’re taking them out to the ocean where waves will be shifting your weight around quite a bit, or down a river with a heavy current.

On the other hand, some SUPs are designed for surfing and higher speeds. These are harder to balance and generally shorter, but it all depends on what you’re going for. Really, Women could learn on any type of stand-up paddle board, but it would be easiest to start with a wider board made for beginners.

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Falling over is a given, but when you do fall, you should know how to get back on your sup paddle board properly so it doesn’t continuously tip towards you as you try to climb on. You can find plenty of tutorials online to show you the technique and get back on the water quickly!

Additionally, depending on where you’re going to use your woman stand-up paddle board and your local regulations, you may have to wear a life vest or carry a whistle with you so you can signal other boaters. The need for this will likely never arise for you while using a SUP paddle board, but it may be a general rule for your area.